Invoicing Services

Professional Billing Services

Why would anyone need a professional billing service?

Here are a few of the reasons:

  • To get paid faster & improve cash flow
  • To reduce invoicing overhead & expenses
  • To save time & reduce stress
  • To stay on top of slow-paying accounts
  • To improve the business image with professional, timely invoicing

  • Eliminate the frustrations of monthly billing and invoicing with our automated professional billing service and document delivery service from Accounting by Francesca. Our professional billing service will free up your time and save you money.

    Eliminate the need to spend your own or your staff's time creating and sending invoices, tracking, and following up. No more need for late nights or overtime for catching up on invoicing. Eliminate staff time for invoicing, thereby reducing costs for employee salaries, taxes, and benefits. Free up your and your staff's time for running your business. Here are some of the billing and invoicing services we offer:

    • Creating and sending on-time invoices (by mail and/or email)
    • Tracking history of all customer charges & payments
    • Running balance ledger to prove exact ammount owed by each customer
    • Detailed montly reporting & cash flow statements—the pulse of your business
    • Accounts receivable aging report to track past due accounts
    • Follow-up with collection letters at your request

    We will go over exactly what your business needs, so we can establish the level of service and support you need. We will show you how to save money, save time and improve your cash flow.

    We can speed up your receivables to improve your bottom line. We make sure every invoice goes out on time, we track payments, send timely reminders, and even do "soft collections" to make sure you get paid as quickly as possible. And our results are great.

    Get Paid without Hassles

    Let us do the work for you:
  • Creating invoices

  • Stuffing envelopes

  • Making address labels

  • Trips to the post office

  • Tracking payments

  • Reminding late payers

  • We take care of the hassles!
  • If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please call for a free consultation: (831) 920-1670